Double Your Return on Investment :

Sizzle Gold Coast is a must-have benefit that will bring good returns on your investment. You might have already following lot of buzz all over the Bangalore-Chennai Industrial Corridor work progress and the Japan government/companies displaying interest in this infrastructure development. That shows that, you are investing in a most happening place and is fast pacing developing area.

Some more reasons to confidently say that, your returns on the investment are doubled in a short time:

  • At Gold Coast, you are close to the Bangalore-Chennai Express Highway, adjacent to which major industrial corridor is planned. So, it’s time to anticipate major developments around this area.
  • Expect major growth around this locality as Hoskote is declared as “Satellite Town” by Bangalore Development Authority.
  • Premier industrial players like ITC, Ashok Leyland, Honda, Volvo, Mahindra, have started their operations in close proximity.
  • Within the next couple of months, this locality will be under zonal regulations, which, once enforced, will make availability of land for specific usage scarce.

  • The Gold Coast project is being developed as Land Mark Address. As we complete with this project, you can expect very good appreciation of the value.
    Kindly log onto the below URL link to view the actual pics of the layout:

Visit Us To Know More :


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